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100% of all proceeds go to Helping Abused Animals

Follow your compassionate heart.

We offer environmentally-conscious products and cruelty-free vegan products for the compassionate shoppers. These products link to the Amazon store for buyers to purchase at Amazon. Buyers can take advantage of free shipping and lowest cost products at Amazon. Although Amazon is the highest rated online store, for a vegan or environmentally-conscious buyer, it’s more challenging to find the right products.

We also offer merchandise from our Cafepress merchandise. Buyers will be routed to our Cafepress Store. Shop for a cause; wear your love of animals on your bags, mugs, t-shirts, stationery, and other products.

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Show your love of animals on your bags, mugs, stationery, and other products.


Checkout our customers’ favorite merchandise with our logo and our hand-painted elephant.
100% of proceeds go to Helping Abused Animals.

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As an Amazon Associate and Cafepress affiliate, we may earn from qualifying purchases. 100% of all earnings go to Helping Abused Animals.