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For the environmentally-conscious and for animal lovers.

100% of all proceeds go to Helping Abused Animals

Follow your compassionate heart.

We offer environmentally-conscious products and cruelty-free vegan products for the compassionate shoppers. These products link to Amazon for buyers to easily purchase directly on those sites *. This online store’s goal is to assist people in finding great vegan and compassionate products.

We also offer merchandise from our Cafepress merchandise *. Buyers will be routed to our Cafepress Store. Shop for a cause; wear your love of animals on your bags, mugs, t-shirts, stationery, and other products.

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Vegan Books & Cruelty-Free Products


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Just For Kids

 Loving Animals Starts at an Early Age

Shop for a Cause

Show your love of animals on your bags, mugs, stationery, and other products.


Checkout our customers’ favorite merchandise with our logo and our hand-painted elephant.
100% of proceeds go to Helping Abused Animals.

Let’s Save All of Them


* Disclosure: We may earn affiliate payment from qualifying purchases. 100% of all earnings go to Helping Abused Animals.

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